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Wanting to raise a child is a natural instinct felt by many people. Some people, no matter how much they want a child, cannot conceive. If this is your situation, you deserve to be able to have a family. With recent advancements in reproductive technology, there are now options such as surrogacy and egg and sperm donation which make it possible to have a family.

Reproductive law attorney providing services for international clients
I focus a large part of my practice on assisting international clients who come to California because of our reproductive laws regarding surrogacy and donors. If you are an intended parent considering coming to California, or are already in the state for reproductive services, I urge you to call my office for a free consultation. I will arrange a time to meet, either in my office or at another convenient location.

Whether you are planning to use a surrogate or a donor, or you are a surrogate or donor looking to help someone in need, you need to protect your rights. You need the assistance of a lawyer with experience in this developing area of law.

My name is Erin O'Kane and I am an attorney in California dedicated to helping people achieve their reproductive goals. I understand how intimate these issues are. When you are represented by me, you get an adviser who knows the laws and issues that can come up in these situations.

A Reproductive Lawyer In San Diego To Help You Achieve Your Goals

My practice is focused solely in the area of reproductive law. I have experience representing the following people:

  • Services for surrogates and donors: I protect you by ensuring that you are properly compensated for your medical needs and make sure you have the documentation necessary to protect you in the future.
  • Intended parents: Once you have found your surrogate or donor, I get to work, helping you draft agreements and making sure you are legally recognized as the parents of the baby being carried by your surrogate.

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For experienced representation for your reproductive law case, call me, Erin O'Kane, at 858-391-6589, or contact me online.