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For couples and individuals incapable of having children in a traditional manner, California's permissive and extensive surrogacy laws and regulations can be a godsend. If you are interested in becoming a parent with the help of assisted reproductive technologies, retaining an experienced reproductive law attorney is vital. Experience can make the difference between success and failure in this highly nuanced area of law.

I am Erin O'Kane, a San Diego attorney devoted solely to reproductive law. I help prospective parents establish their parental rights in a legally effective manner. I have the experience to ensure that your interests are protected — from the initial surrogacy or donor contract to subsequent court orders establishing paternity.

California is a leader in the development of surrogacy law and the protection of parental rights in America and indeed in the world. I represent intended parents from across the country. I also help international clients pursue parenthood through surrogacy or other reproduction options in California.

Surrogacy And Establishing Your Parental Rights

The most important step after deciding to use a surrogate to build your family is to draft a comprehensive surrogacy contract and establish parental rights. These two processes go hand in hand. The pre-birth order establishing parental rights ensures that the intended parents are listed on the birth certificate. In general, that process can take months, and it is vital that the paperwork be started after the first trimester of the surrogacy.

This process is especially important for international clients who wish to avoid delays. In order to ensure that the official birth certificate lists them as the parents, the petition for Establishment of Parental Rights should be started as early as possible after the pregnancy is confirmed.

Unique Challenges For Single Parents And Same-Sex Parents

Same-sex couples and single parents are treated equally under the surrogacy laws, but may face additional paperwork and legal considerations. Particularly in the case of single fathers, surrogacy can lead to additional complications. One of the key steps in pursuing surrogacy successfully is retaining a skilled parental rights lawyer. Individually tailored and drafted parental rights agreements can prevent legal conflicts in the future.

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