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3 Things to know about same-sex couple adoptions in California

Same-sex adoption in California is much the same as adoption for other couples. Adoption for gay couples became legal in the state in 2003.

There are laws in place that all adoptive parents must adhere to regardless of sexual orientation.

When can a same-sex couple adopt a child?

In California, a same-sex couple can adopt a child or one partner can adopt the other partner’s biological child. Additionally, a single person may adopt. Couples need not marry in order to adopt but, if they marry, the union must have taken place at least two years prior to the adoption. Further, an age gap of at least ten years must exist between adoptive parents and minors.

Can adoption agencies discriminate against same-sex couples?

Adoption agencies in California cannot legally discriminate against same-sex couples seeking to adopt a child. The adoption process is lengthy and there is the potential for bumps along the road regardless of the sexual orientation of the adoptive parents.

How can you get started on the adoption process?

Many intended parents begin the adoption process by contacting a local adoption agency. Conducting a thorough check of several agencies’ track records is imperative. You can ask for referrals and speak with the company’s former clients to get a feel for how they conduct business. A comprehensive online check for reviews is also wise to ensure that the majority of prior couples felt satisfied with the services provided.

Same-sex couples and gay individuals can legally adopt under California law. They face the same scrutiny and process as other intended parents.