Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

How insurance covers surrogacy-related expenses in California

Navigating the financial aspects of gestational surrogacy can feel like a complex puzzle. This is especially true when it comes to understanding how insurance in California handles medical expenses for surrogates. 

Understanding your insurance policy

It is very rare for the Intended Parent’s insurance policy to cover them using a surrogate. However, you should review your health insurance policy to see if it includes surrogacy-related medical expenses. Some plans in California might cover these costs, but it often depends on the specifics of the policy. 

It’s common for insurance policies to have exclusions or specific requirements for coverage related to gestational surrogacy. For instance, some plans might only cover the medical expenses of the surrogate if they meet certain conditions. These conditions include pre-approval for the surrogacy arrangement or if the surrogate’s own health insurance does not cover pregnancy.

What about the surrogate’s insurance?

It’s much more common that the surrogate’s personal insurance policy will be used or a surrogacy friendly insurance policy will be purchased by the Intended Parents to cover the surrogacy related medical expenses. In California, the surrogate’s insurance may cover her acting as a surrogate, but this is not always guaranteed. The Affordable Care Act mandates maternity coverage, but how this applies in surrogacy cases can vary. Some insurance policies might consider surrogacy a disqualifiable event for coverage. 

It is a requirement in California that the surrogate’s policy be reviewed by an insurance professional if it is going to be used. This also applies if a policy will be purchased for the surrogate.  This is to ensure that the parties are aware if there is a lien or right of reimbursement in the policy, if there are any liabilities, and the coverage the policy provides.

Keeping legal considerations in mind

While insurance can cover many aspects of surrogacy, legal considerations are also crucial. In California, legal contracts and a review of the surrogate’s insurance policy are a must in surrogacy arrangements. 

These contracts can outline the responsibilities of each party, including who is financially responsible for medical costs. Ensuring that these legal agreements are in place can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure both parties address any insurance needs.

Wrapping up surrogacy and insurance essentials

As you delve into the world of surrogacy, understanding how insurance plays a role in covering medical expenses in California is crucial. Being well-prepared and informed can help you navigate this journey more smoothly.