Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Reproductive Rights Lawyer For Intended Parents

Becoming a parent is one of the most significant and rewarding steps in life. Advances in modern medicine and technology now offer many reproductive options for single adults, same-sex couples and those unable to naturally conceive.

Pursuing these options involves legal considerations. I am Erin O’Kane Allen, a reproductive rights lawyer for intended parents. I devote my legal career solely to California reproductive law — a niche and evolving field. This means I have the focused background necessary for avoiding the many legal pitfalls and entanglements that could otherwise arise.

Are you a prospective parent residing out-of-state or abroad? California’s favorable reproduction laws make it an ideal state to pursue your reproductive options. As a California-licensed attorney, I offer guidance for domestic and international clients seeking local legal counsel.

Making Your Dream Of Parenthood A Reality

My experience representing intended parents encompasses the vast array of legal issues that can arise on the road to making your dreams a reality. For example, I answer questions and offer knowledgeable guidance on:

  • Parental rights: Establishing your parental rights begins before the child is born. This process requires detailed steps and precise timing.
  • Embryo donation: For some prospective parents, embryo donation is an ideal way to start a family.
  • Same-sex parenthood: Legal considerations can complicate reproductive options for prospective same-sex parents. I can help you pursue your dream of starting a family — the right way.
  • Single parenthood: I routinely guide single prospective parents through all legal aspects of starting a family with the help of assistive reproductive technologies.
  • Medical evaluations: I can help connect you to medical professionals needed to evaluate the proposed donor or surrogate.

Because ethics are a high priority, I represent only intended parents or surrogates/donors — never both. You can trust that my loyalty won’t be divided. On the contrary, your interests and objectives will be my guiding framework.

To learn more about your rights and options for pursuing parenthood, please call my office in San Diego at 858-391-6589 or send me an email.