Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Pursuing Medical Evaluations For Surrogates And Donors

Choosing a surrogate or donor is a major decision. As a prospective parent, you want to make sure your child has every advantage for a healthy and happy life. I draw on my experience in this area of the law to connect my clients with doctors and medical clinics who can provide the appropriate care.

The fact is, the health of the surrogate or donor will impact your child. Serious medical risks, diseases and genetic predispositions can result in significant or even lifelong complications for your child. It is far better to become aware of these issues before pregnancy or implantation occurs.

The Benefit Of Qualified Legal Guidance

I am Erin O’Kane Allen, a reproductive rights lawyer based in San Diego. I help intended parents through the complex legal aspects of welcoming a new child into the world through surrogacy, embryo donation or in vitro fertilization.

Whether you are living in the United States or abroad, if you are considering pursuing surrogacy or other options in California, I can help. I represent both local and international prospective parents.

One way I help clients is by connecting them to medical professionals that can provide medical evaluations for prospective surrogates and donors. As the intended parent, you have the right to know about potential medical risks. My goal is to help connect you to medical professionals that can help you make informed decisions based on thorough and accurate information. Starting with the surrogacy agreement or other relevant contract, I will make sure your rights are secured through clear, legally enforceable expectations.

What If You Know The Donor Or Surrogate?

Sometimes, prospective parents may wish to forego medical testing when the surrogate or donor is a longtime friend or relative. However, this is rarely a good decision. Medical testing is the better option for everyone involved and will usually be required by the clinic prior to any procedures being started. In fact, sperm and egg donors are generally required to go through extensive medical testing prior to donation. The Food and Drug Administration oversees and enforces this requirement.

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