Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

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At The Law Office of Erin C. O'Kane, Esq., I help prospective parents around the world realize their dreams of parenthood. My San Diego-based law practice focuses solely on reproductive law. I offer guidance for international clients on all aspects of becoming a parent through nontraditional means such as surrogacy, in vitro fertilization and embryo donation.

The Battle Over Legalizing Surrogate Arrangements

California surrogacy laws are among the most progressive in the world. It permits surrogates and intended parents to enter into compensated surrogacy contracts, and it gives the prospective parents the ability to clearly establish their parental rights early on in the process.

However, many other states and countries, do not legally recognize surrogacy under any circumstances and other states and countries strictly supervise and restrict surrogacy arrangements.

For this reason, many international clients decide to pursue surrogacy in California to take advantage of its surrogacy laws — and the United States’ citizenship policies.

Any child born on American soil is automatically a citizen. Pursuing surrogacy in California offers the dual benefit of U.S. citizenship and a progressive, well-developed legal framework for surrogacy.

Once the surrogate contract is completed and the pregnancy leads to a child, international clients can take the original birth certificate and then file a newborn application for a U.S. passport.

Helping International Clients Become Parents

As an experienced international surrogacy lawyer, I walk clients through this entire process. My clients know that they are working within two legal systems and that they need experienced U.S.-based legal advice as well as an attorney in their home country. I have successfully helped prospective parents from around the world — from Spain and Italy to Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

By their nature, international surrogacy arrangements are far more complex than their domestic counterparts. They involve additional layers of challenges. I am familiar with these hurdles, and I can ensure that all complicating factors are fully addressed — for example, by:

  • Ensuring a comprehensive agreement is entered into following the requirements of California law
  • Ensuring that the birth certificate reflects the intended parents
  • Pursuing pre-birth orders to establish a parent child relationship
  • Referring to medical professionals for the appropriate medical evaluations prior to clearance for surrogacy

I also understand the added expense and inconvenience for international clients. My extensive experience in this area ensures that my clients maximize the efficiency of each trip to and from California.

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