Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Attorney For Sperm Donors

Becoming a sperm donor in California should begin with a donor contract. I, lawyer Erin O’Kane Allen, have extensive experience representing sperm donors. I have built a successful practice ensuring that the rights of my clients are protected.

I counsel clients who are considering becoming a sperm donor. I evaluate the potential pitfalls associated with known and unknown sperm donations and draft legal documents to protect the donor’s interests. The various sperm donation categories have varying legal and financial consequences for both the sperm donor and the intended parents.

Based in San Diego, I offer advice for clients across the country and around the world who are considering sperm donation in California. Learn more about the unique concerns international donors face.

Anonymous Sperm Donation

If you choose to become an anonymous donor, your identity and identifying information will be kept confidential. Some sperm donation clinics suggest that you do not need an attorney. But the agreements they offer do not always cover all of the things you want. As such, it is essential to seek guidance from an experienced attorney for sperm donors.

Drafting anonymous sperm donor contracts with clear expectations on all sides is a skill I have mastered through many years of experience. Verbal agreements are hard to enforce in court; as such, I draft donor contracts which explicitly state the terms of the donation and the expectations of all of the involved parties.

Known And “Open” Sperm Donors

Anonymous donation is not the only option. “Known” or “directed” donors are those who generously choose to donate for the benefit of a relative or longtime friend. Others choose to pursue “open donation,” a process that involves meeting the offspring when they become adults.

It is critical to make an informed decision about your rights as a donor. I can help you pursue a course of action that best fits your goals and concerns. By negotiating and drafting a solid contract, I can help you avoid unforeseen complications and pitfalls down the road.

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