Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Common Surrogate And Donor FAQs

Gestational surrogates and egg or sperm donors often understand that they can help other individuals or couples realize the dream of parenthood at The Law Office of Erin C. O’Kane, Esq., in Poway, I also understand that surrogates and donors often have questions about what protections and legal options may be available. I can help you get answers and protect your rights throughout the process. I am a zealous attorney who has extensive experience, knowledge, and access to a network of surrogacy insurance brokers who can assist clients with insurance policies.

Your health is my top priority, which is why I employ the necessary experts to help you get the health insurance and coverage you need during this time. Below are a few common questions clients have about surrogacy and being a donor.

Q: What Does A Lawyer Do With A Trust Account?

A: An attorney can create an attorney-client trust account that fits your needs. They will hold the account to ensure that you get compensated as required by your agreement. The attorney for the intended parents holds the trust account and makes payments to the surrogate as stated in the agreement. You can also use a licensed and bonded escrow account for this.

Q: Do I Need A Lawyer As A Surrogate?

A: Yes, it is required by California law. The contractual agreement with the intended parents is important – the lawyer will review the contract and address the concerns to protect the surrogate’s rights.

Q: Will I Be Responsible For The Child In The Future?

A: No, donors and surrogates do not have parental rights or responsibilities.

Q: Does A Lawyer Provide A Review Of My Insurance Policy Or Can A Lawyer Help Me Get An Insurance Policy?

A: No. An attorney will provide essential information and access to a network of trusted insurance brokers that can review your policy or help you get a new one.

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