Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Lawyer For Surrogates And Gestational Carriers

If you are considering becoming a surrogate or donor, first of all, thank you. There are millions of couples around the world that are counting on your services. Surrogacy or egg and sperm and sperm donation is the only way many people will ever realize their dream of having a child of their own.

Services For Surrogates And Donors Seeking Legal Protections

I am reproductive law attorney Erin O’Kane Allen. My offices are located in Poway, California, near San Diego. I focus my practice entirely in the area of California reproductive law. I provide assistance to people throughout California and the United States, as well as international clients coming to California because of our progressive reproductive laws regarding surrogacy and donors. Whether you are an intended parent, a gestational surrogate or carrier, having a lawyer on your side is the most important first step in the process.

Surrogacy is a medical advancement that gives people who cannot conceive on their own the option of raising an infant. There are two types of surrogacy:

  • Traditional surrogacy: The surrogate supplies the egg, to be fertilized by an intended father or third-party sperm donor.
  • Gestational surrogacy: The surrogate does not supply the egg herself. There is no genetic link at all between the surrogate and the baby she is carrying. The egg can come from the intended mother or a third-party donor.

Providing Legal Protection For Gestational Surrogates And The People Seeking Their Services

When you are unable to conceive a child yourself, finding the right surrogate is only the first step. I use my experience to guide you through the rest of the process, including:

  • Drafting a surrogacy agreement that matches your unique situation and meets the requirements of California law
  • Holding a trust account to ensure that the surrogate is compensated as stated in the agreement
  • If you are the intended parent, filing the proper paperwork to establish your parental rights for the unborn child
  • If you are the surrogate or the donor of sperm, the egg or embryo, ensuring the proper paperwork is filed so that neither you nor your partner are considered the parents
  • If you live outside the United States, ensuring that you fulfill all of the requirements necessary to proceed with a surrogate pregnancy in California.

A surrogate and gestational carrier lawyer you can trust your reproductive rights to.
In addition, to protect you and properly represent your interests, I represent either the intended parents or the carrier, not both. Even if your goals align now, they may not in the future. By representing only one party, I ensure that your rights are protected.

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