Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Why do you need a surrogacy lawyer as an intended parent?

California protects the rights of surrogates and intended parents during the surrogacy process. If you plan to use a surrogate in the San Diego or Poway, CA, area, you need to understand the related laws and procedures.

A surrogacy lawyer helps preserve your rights and ensure a smooth process as you build your family through gestational surrogacy.

A reproductive law attorney safeguards your rights

A lawyer with experience in surrogacy helps you create a contract that addresses potential risks and liabilities. You may not think of the possibility of sensitive issues or complications, but your lawyer knows what to include in your written arrangement. While problems are unlikely, you still need a plan that outlines your wishes.

A surrogacy lawyer establishes your parental rights

The state of California allows a pre-birth order that officially recognizes the legal status of the intended parent or parents before the birth. A knowledgeable attorney understands the necessary steps to secure your rights as soon as possible so you can make decisions regarding medical care and delivery. Establishing your authority in advance also helps eliminate custody issues after the baby’s birth.

An attorney makes your agreement legally binding

The laws surrounding this reproductive process can be complicated. California regulations require that you and your surrogate retain separate legal counsel to help draft the contract and provide professional advice. This requirement protects both parties throughout the experience.

Enlisting the assistance of an attorney is essential when you are planning your family through surrogacy. A skilled lawyer helps you draw up a thorough contract, ensures you have the proper legal rights as the parent and adheres to California legal regulations.