Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Medical Insurance Issues Related To Surrogacy

I am firmly committed to providing my clients with comprehensive information about the surrogacy process. The amount of misinformation about whether surrogates have adequate medical insurance on the Internet is staggering. As such, I ensure that my clients are connected to the proper insurance professionals in order to be fully informed about the need for medical insurance coverage and additional liability coverage that will protect the parents and the surrogate.

Surrogacy And Medical Insurance

Many surrogate arrangements are completed with few medical and legal issues. However, when a legal, medical or other conflict does arise during a surrogate pregnancy, sufficient insurance coverage is vital. I offer clients an extensive network of surrogacy insurance brokers and providers who can provide and evaluate insurance policies. As an experienced reproductive lawyer, I know the importance of planning for all potential scenarios. There are some insurance plans that do not cover surrogacy and there are many insurance plans that do cover surrogacy, but under very specific conditions, including placing a lien on the surrogate’s compensation. Additionally, even surrogacy-specific insurance plans do not cover legal fees. As such, clients need a candid assessment of the potential costs they are facing. Financial costs will be associated with most of the steps in the process including:

The process of building a family through surrogacy is an intricate area of law with many interconnecting and competing interests. My experience in the field is vast. I have represented clients on all sides; I have a comprehensive understanding of the rights, obligations and costs associated with the process. For a consultation to review your options, contact a San Diego, California, surrogacy attorney online or call 858-391-6589.