Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Embryo Donation Lawyer Helping Prospective Parents Make Their Dreams A Reality

Assisted reproductive technologies have opened the doors to parenthood in many different ways. In vitro fertilization and surrogacy are not the only options for pursuing pregnancy and parenthood. In recent years, embryo donation has become an increasingly feasible — and more cost-effective — option for those unable to naturally conceive.

What Is Embryo Donation?

With the increasing prevalence of in vitro fertilization, more and more unused embryos are left in a cryogenically preserved (frozen) state. Many couples choose to donate these embryos rather than destroy them or leave them forever in limbo. The donation may be anonymous, or it may be from someone you know who wants to make a donation to you specifically.

Sorting Through The Legal Ramifications

As you might imagine, embryo donation has legal implications. The donors must legally relinquish their rights to the embryos and the Intended Parents must assume the rights. You must take care to establish your parental rights. The advice of an experienced embryo donation lawyer is critical for making sure no loose ends go overlooked.

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