Safeguarding Rights Of Donors, Surrogates Or Intended Parents

Attorney For Egg Donors

I am attorney Erin O’Kane Allen. As a reproductive attorney in San Diego, I routinely represent the interests of egg donors or intended parents. Many couples interested in surrogacy often need an egg to create the embryo. The process of donating an egg or an embryo to an intended parent is complex, with surprising roadblocks and legal issues that may surface unexpectedly.

Avoiding Conflicts Of Interest

When you research and retain a donor or surrogacy lawyer, it is important to ensure that the attorney will only represent either the donor, or the intended parent — never both. As an experienced reproductive law attorney, I will work with either party, but do not represent both sides simultaneously.

As a prospective egg donor, it may seem as if you share identical interests with the intended parents. This is actually not the case. The language of the contract must be specific to protecting your rights as a donor, with a clear understanding of what is expected of you and what the intended parents may not hold you liable for.

I work with international clients in cases involving surrogacy and donors in California.
Many intended parents come to California because laws regarding egg donors, embryo implantation and surrogate pregnancy are strict in their country of origin. I regularly work with international clients who need assistance using surrogate reproductive services in the U.S. I will advise you about your rights and responsibilities and help you with all contracts and documents you need in the U.S.

Experienced And Personalized Service

The donation process is especially complicated for international clients. Issues such as referrals, negotiations and finances must be addressed properly in the first instance or procedural delays can lead to additional costs for international parents. As someone experienced on both sides of donor surrogacy issues, I offer clients a streamlined and comprehensive review of potential issues when I draft donor agreements.

Whether You Are A California Resident Or Are An International Client — Call Me

As a solo practitioner, clients deal directly with me, San Diego egg donor attorney Erin O’Kane Allen. Email the office or call 858-391-6589 to schedule a consultation.